Zeki Project




Since 1980, Zeki Bilardo® export products to more than 50 countries actively, ongoing and serving in our country, it has taken place in the furniture industry as Zeki Proje® Brand after 2005, produces and decorates furnitures of office, hotel, school, hospital, house  that are related with all project works, so architects, designers and sectoral business environment began to favour Zeki Proje® in a short time. All our projects are delivered with quality, aesthetics and functionality under the umbrella of Zeki Proje®. With professional solution sensitively and specialist staffs work in 7000m2 enclosed area in Avcılar, in Istanbul.

Our philosophy involves the rejection of “can-not-be-done” attitude and ambracing the approach of “let’s-make-it-happen” to provide appropriate and functional solutions.

Our purpose is to make your working and living places more pleasant, additionally is to reflect your personality and corporate culture in the best way and is to implement the correct for you in the furniture industry.

It is not impossible to design a place exclusively for you. Just imagine!  There is always a solution for your dreams! Leave it Zeki Proje®  for implementation


Zeki Proje® furniture

                                                                                                                                           by Zeki Bilardo